Mason "Godzilla" Hawksley

An avid music lover and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel's passions truly lie in creativity. Over the years, he has completely devoted his life to music, audio, and video as well as the creation and production that goes along with it.  Along with bandmate Tiger Kotschnig, Daniel is a cofounder and original member of the band, and has ended up taking the roles of audio engineer, mixer, and video editor, as well as the band's songwriter.  While Daniel's favorite pastime is making and enjoying music, some of his other favorite things include tennis, basketball, and ice cream.  Lots of ice cream.

Starting on the trombone in the 6th grade, Nick's passion for music and his instrument have brought a life into the music that hadn't been there before.  Whilst having inspirations from Tower of Power, JJ Johnson, Freddie Hubbard, and many others, Nick also is an avid metalhead, and is frequently found listening to bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. Apart from music, some of Nick's favorite pastimes include skiing, as well as playing and watching baseball.  Currently, Nick is attending UC San Diego with a major in physiology and neuroscience, set to graduate in the class of 2021.

Tiger has been in DangerAte since the beginning, and has evolved musically with the direction the band has moved.  Tiger has been the keyboard player in the band since the beginning, but more recently he has begun to play clarinet with the band, doubling on the instrument to add a new character to the band dynamic.  Tiger loves playing and listening to music, but he is also a big fan of soccer.  In fact, Tiger was on a soccer team for many years, and during high school he had been a referee for kids' soccer games.  Currently, Tiger is attending UC Santa Cruz for psychology, set to graduate in the class of 2021.

Meet The Band

Michael Dallara

When some people think of Michael Dallara, they think of him as a drummer.  While they aren't wrong, his fabulous drumming is only one part of his triple-threat lifestyle.  The young Mr. Dallara is a very talented drummer, and has been under the tutelage of one of the best drummers in the Bay Area.  On top of his drumming, he is an aspiring videographer who has made a backlog of video drumming content for his YouTube channel.  Alongside the video, Mike has become very proficient at recording and mixing, and has helped with band projects since his induction into the band.  Like Mason, Mike is in his third year at SF State University, and is in the class of 2020.

Mason can generally be described in two words: "Godzilla" and "Trumpet."  If you knew Mason personally, you'd clearly see that he is obsessed with his trumpets and Godzilla figures with a passion.  In fact, he has been so influenced by those two things that many know him strictly as Godzilla.  While Mason doesn't have scales or an atomic breath, he can run through his scales like crazy and breathes fire in the form of the music he makes with his trumpet.  Since Mason's arrival, he has added his own signature sound to DangerAte and changed the musical dynamic for the better.  As of right now, the one and only Godzilla is in his third year at SF State University, and is in the class of 2020.

​Thomas Bombara

The addition of Sean Eshia into DangerAte may be one of the most defining moments of the band's history.  Sean's entrance into the band brought along with it the introduction of more jazz and funk elements, as well as a new band dynamic.  Not only is Sean an incredible saxophonist, it has recently been discovered that he has a very good voice as well.  Sean's stage presence is unbeatable, and truly is the icing on the cake when it comes to a DangerAte show.  Sean is all about music, and when he isn't playing he is always listening, learning, and stealing tricks and licks from other musicians.  Apart from playing music, you can find Sean riding his skateboard and hanging out with his friends.

Tiger Kotschnig

Nicholas Chew

Sean Eshia

Daniel "The D3" Cohen​

If you wanted to know what Thomas is like, there's really only one way to describe him: Saxophone.  Thomas is incredibly passionate about his instrument, and has devoted his life to it since he was 11 years old.  In fact, he has been in bands and jazz orchestras playing first and second chair since the time he was 12. When he was going into high school and looking into the various schools in San Francisco, his choice inevitably was the one that catered to musicians like him: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.  Thomas is currently a junior at SOTA, and when he's not playing with the band or doing his homework, you can find him busking at various places in San Francisco.