Like Matt, Evan is a new member to the DangerAte family. That isn't to say, however, that his contributions in his short time in the lineup haven't been huge.  Already, Evan has been making suggestions about arrangement ideas and new cover tunes that have been helping the band make an overhaul and add good, tasteful music to an already solid setlist.  He has been an enjoyable person to listen to and play with on stage, and incredibly level headed in studio.  This is probably due to the fact that even though he is a saxophonist, Evan primarily listens to trumpeters like Arturo Sandoval and Roy Hargrove.  His style is complementary to the music he plays and his approach to the horn is classic with a twist.  

Daniel has been a member of the band since the beginning, founding the band with current fellow current member Tiger Kotschnig and DangerAte Alum Eitan Speigel in December of 2010.  Starting out as the drummer, Daniel has since moved around across various instruments in the band, currently taking the position of bassist and second keyboardist in the current lineup.  In addition to being bassist and second keyboardist, Daniel has taken the role of primary songwriter, as well as lead producer and engineer for all DangerAte original music and recordings.  Aside from band duties, Daniel is a student at City College of San Francisco, where he hopes to get an AS in Computer Science, and intends to transfer into the UC system by 2021.

Nicholas Chew

If you know Matt, one thing is very clear: he is all music all the time.  Matt's father is a professional vibraphonist, drummer, percussionist, and plays other instruments on the side. His mother is a professional piano teacher.  He himself is a very talented drummer and guitarist, as well as occasional bassist.  Essentially, Matt's home is always bustling and full of music.  Matt is a relatively new member to the band, joining at the same time as saxophonist Evan Moore and taking the position of drummer.  He couldn't have come in at a better time, either, starting out as a substitute on a gig and making his way into full time membership status very quickly.   Like Nick, Matt is an avid metalhead, and a big fan of Medadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine.  Aside from his musical passions, Matt is an Economics major in his first year at CCSF, where he shares classes with Daniel.

​Matthew Kesecker

​Evan Moore

Starting on the trombone in the 6th grade, Nick's passion for music and his instrument have brought a life into the music that hadn't been there before.  Whilst having inspirations from Tower of Power, JJ Johnson, Freddie Hubbard, and many others, Nick also is an avid metalhead, and is frequently found listening to bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. Apart from music, some of Nick's favorite pastimes include skiing, as well as playing and watching baseball.  Currently, Nick is attending UC San Diego with a major in Physiology and Neuroscience, set to graduate spring 2021.

Mason can generally be described in two words: "Godzilla" and "Trumpet."  If you knew Mason personally, you'd clearly see that he is obsessed with his trumpets and Godzilla figures with a passion.  In fact, he has been so influenced by those two things that many know him strictly as Godzilla.  While Mason doesn't have scales or an atomic breath, he can run through his scales like crazy and breathes fire in the form of the music he makes with his trumpet.  Since Mason's arrival, he has added his own signature sound to DangerAte and changed the musical dynamic for the better.  As of right now, the one and only Godzilla is in his third year at SF State University, and is in the class of 2020.

Tiger has been in DangerAte since the beginning alongside fellow founding member Daniel, and has served as the main keyboardist and occasional clarinetist since December of 2010.  Likewise, he has been an integral part of the way the band plays from the very beginning.  Tiger's style and sound have evolved over the years with the band's evolution, constantly changing to create a new sound and experimenting with the limits of his instruments, while also finding a way to harken back to the rock covers that the original trio were doing at music school recitals all those years ago.  Aside from his keys playing, Tiger is often the co-arranger, co-writer, and/or co-producer with Daniel on almost all of the DangerAte music, and is currently building up his engineering chops.  As of right now, Tiger is attending UC Santa Cruz with a major in Phycology, set to graduate Spring 2021.

Daniel "The D3" Cohen​

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